Future Scholars Learning Academy Services

We offer one of the best in kindergarten readiness programs available.


Preschool Program

Ages 3-5 years

Our preschool class provides a nurturing and quality educational environment. What Our goal from the first moment children enroll in our preschool program is to prepare them for kindergarten readiness and instill strong morals and values in them. We will obtain this goal by focusing on; Academics, Enrichment and providing faith-based teachings out of the children’s bible. Our teachers in this class are highly qualified and experienced. Their qualifications include CDA’s, AA’s & BA degrees in early childhood education or a related field. Our teachers plan new lessons each and every week based off of Ohio’s early learning developmental standards and the children’s bible which includes the following domains; cognition and general knowledge, language and literacy, social/emotional development, Approaches toward learning, Physical well-being, and motor development. Biblical scriptures and teachings are included as well and are taught through books, songs and games. Our enrichment program includes Spanish language, sign language, Mandarin Chinese, and Zumba fitness.

Our learning time starts at 930 am every day, we require that every child is present no later than 935am. Even though we focus on faith-based values and Academics in our program, we also believe children learn through meaningful free play. Throughout the day, the children will be able to participate in Interest centers; children are divided into groups of 3-5 children then given the opportunity to make an independent decision on which center they choose to interact in. These interest centers include dramatic play, reading, writing, manipulatives, transportation, science, sensory, math, blocks, puzzles, art, and music. During free play time, teachers have hands-on interaction. We encourage our parents to review our lesson plans weekly and engage in the same learning activity at home. We believe this will be a wonderful bonding time for the both of you.

We will keep you aware of your child’s day through our daily statistical reports which will be delivered through our childcare app to your smartphone. Our daily reports will provide valuable information about your child’s day as well as updates and photos on any particular milestones that were achieved.

Toddler Program

Ages 18 months – 36 months

We believe our toddlers learn best in a loving and safe environment. At this age child are discovering themselves and the world around them. Our Teachers understand the importance of individual development and self-awareness at this age. Therefore, they are encouraged to explore and make independent decisions. We believe this will give them the self-confidence they need for this big world before them. Vital development takes place between the ages of 1-3. Therefore, we implement Ohio’s early learning educational standards in our lesson plans weekly, which include the following areas; cognition and general knowledge, social/emotional development, literacy and language development, Approaches toward learning, physical well-being, and motor development. We also use the children’s bible to include scriptures and biblical teachings weekly in our lessons. In this room we adhere to a schedule which involves learning activities, exploration, and big free time play in interest centers, this allows our toddlers to develop and be as prepared as possible for our preschool program.

We welcome all of our parents to review our lesson plans weekly to get an idea of what your little one is learning daily. We also encourage our parents to partake in current learning activities with their toddlers at home that are on the lesson plans; your toddler will be very tickled, and this will also create a wonderful bonding moment for the both of you. Once your child is ready, we will assist you in potty training; our goal is to have each child potty trained before they enter our preschool program.

Every day You will receive a daily statistical report through our childcare app. You will be updated on the type of mood your child was in, the amount of food eaten, potty times/diaper changes, developmental milestones met and developmental learning activities they enjoyed that day, along with a photo of any precious moments.

Infant Program

Ages 6 weeks – 18 months

We firmly believe in Maslow’s theory, that safety and security comes first. Therefore, we provide a very loving, safe and nurturing environment to prepare infants to learn in. We understand that each child has their own individuality therefore our lesson plans are created weekly based upon each child individual physical and cognitive developmental needs. All lesson plans are implemented according to Ohio early learning educational standards and include the following areas; cognition and general knowledge, language and literacy, motor development, approaches toward learning, and social/emotional development. Each one of our infants will have their primary caregiver, which is the teacher that will be responsible for their care.

Our Infant teachers are highly qualified with the experience, patience, and passion that it takes to give your infant the quality attention and education they need. While much of the day for our Infants revolves around each child’s individual schedule, consistency is established through a daily schedule. Developing a consistent daily routine provides the framework for our infant program, this allows our Infants plenty of opportunities for learning. We are proud to provide digital daily reports and pictures through our childcare app which will help us keep you informed of daily activities such as your child’s mood, food they ate and the amount eaten, diaper changes, book readings, songs and any developmental milestones met. You will also receive a picture for those precious moments so you don’t miss out on anything. Also Mom and Dad there is no need to bring infant food or formula we provide this at no cost to you.